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Do you ever find yourself wanting more? New house, new car and to be able to provide yourself or your family with the things you did not have growing up? I was once there too, in the exact same position. My name is Eric Edwards and let me tell you a little about myself as well as how I got where I am today.

My Story

Starting out young, we all think we know it all and are fearless. Most of us, at young adulthood, did not know or understand what or why we needed good credit. If you were like me, I was not taught about having good credit. Lets just say, I learned the hard way. Few credit cards here and they, some unpaid medical bills and a few late payments. Little did I know, these would come back to haunt me later. It is not impossible to get things you needed but it was not easy either.

Fast forward to my late 20s. At this point in my life, is when I met my wife. She was a single mother that was divorced, and I too was divorced. Neither one of us had great credit but we made do. Later, we learned the impacts that a divorce can have on your credit scores. Shortly after our wedding, we learned that we were expecting our first child together. A quick nine months later, we welcomed our daughter into the world. There was four of us in a small three-bedroom apartment and it was time to move on to renting a house. This was the first time that we really ran into trouble with both of our credit scores. Finding a house to rent that is listed through a real estate company, turned out not to be our best option. We found an individual that was willing to rent us their house, but did it cost us. Not only did we have to put down a deposit, we also had to pay the first and last months rent as well. A young family with two daughters, day care expenses and two car notes. Money to put down in that amount is hard, not to mention all the fees to set up utilities. Nonetheless, we managed and moved into our first rental home.

About a year of being in our first rental, we learned that we would be expecting another baby. My wifes SUV was too small to carry three young children, so we had to upgrade her vehicle to a bigger SUV to safely transport everyone. Here is the next hard lesson on having average to less than average credit. The interest rate was at a whopping 19%. Yes, we were crazy to pay that kind of interest but what other option did we have? The house we were in worked until our youngest daughter was about 9 months old. It was time to expand to a larger house as our family had now grown to five.

The search for our next rental house went the same as the first one but this time, we were able to work with a real estate company. By this point, our credit had improved some but not where we really needed it. Fast forward two more years and we were ready to move into a better area of town. The crime rate had started increasing. My wife and I wanted our children to live in a better area for their safety. Our next rental house was the same deal as the first two; deposit along with first and last months rent. At this point, we were to the point where enough is enough.

Our Journey

Through our journey, we worked with several different credit companies. Did they knock off inquiries? Yes. Did some small minor things come off our credit reports? Yes. Did some of those minor things come back? You bet they did! This is when I really started taking things into my own hands. One thing about me is when I want to learn about something, I dive in and dive in deep. There was so much that I learned about credit, revolving credit, FICO scores and the list goes on. The last rental house is one I made sure was our last. By the time our second year of our lease was up, our credit had improved by leaps and bounds. What was the difference? I learned how to budget our finances correctly, the items on our credit were disputed the correct way to where they would stay off. We no longer had to worry about items coming back to haunt us on our credit reports.

My hard work and dedication to learning about credit, credit scores, laws and budgeting has changed my life for the better. We were able to purchase a new house, three new vehicles and put in a pool at our new house. It is such an amazing feeling to be able to provide my family with everything they want and more.

If this is the type of lifestyle you are looking to live, let me help you. I have been in the trenches and know firsthand how hard things can be. It takes years to completely ruin your credit but in a few short months, you will be able to breathe and feel the freedom. I will personally take my time to help you understand the changes that you can make, starting today, to make life a little easier. Now is the time to invest in you as well as your future. You will thank yourself in the months to come that you took this journey to a better credit score as well as many learning tools to budget your finances. Let me help you through your journey and I will promise you nothing but my hard work in return.

We are excited to work with you,

Eric Edwards
CEO- Ez Credit Consultants


Eric Edwards

President & Ceo
Ez Credit Consultants